Would You Like A 13% Tax Rate?

I think it’s funny Gerard Depardieu has taken Russian citizenship and essentially destroyed Francois Hollande’s credibility as French president.

Russia is the most mis-represented country in the world. Ignorant Western journalists white wash their home countries abuses of human rights while highlighting minor problems in one of the world’s largest countries.

With a 13% tax rate, Gerard Depardieu would obviously be better off than under a 75% tax rate in his home country of France. He will also be making a capital contribution to Russia if he moves his assets there, reversing a minor portion of the capital flight currently occurring.

It’s hilarious to read anti-Russian comments. Maybe an uninformed drongo will comment as such here. Perhaps a “Free Pussy Riot” appeal?

There are several great articles on how the 13% flat tax rate has reduced tax evasion and tax avoidance in Russia significantly – with such a low rate people don’t have the incentive to spend thousands of dollars on accountants unless their affairs are very complex.