What Brendan Horan Tells Us About Our Media

The NZ First MP Brendan Horan turned up for work today. He’s been booted from NZ First by Winston Peters because there are allegations yet to be proven in court that something is fishy with Mr Horan’s late mother’s estate.

This tells us that our media are absolutely pathetic. They have forgotten the maxim of innocent until proven guilty and entered ever more depraved waters over the past few decades.

The New Zealand media are worse than useless. They are primarily staffed (radio, print and TV) by dullards. There are a handful of insightful commentators and good interviewers, but to call the rest “hacks” would actually be a compliment.

The fact that some allegation against an MP can take precedence overactual problems experienced every day by Kiwisshows that we should rejoice at Fairfax Media layoffs and the increasing reliance on online media.

While it might be newsworthy that Brendan Horan made a lot of calls to the TAB, it’s more newsworthy that ourentire political class on both sides of the Houseare gambling with New Zealand’s future and not being held to account by anyone in the media.

No matter how this case turns out – Horan resigning, getting charged with theft perhaps – it’s just another reminder of what a terrible media we have.

You’d think that there was some semblance of neutrality or independent thinking going on inside the Beltway. But you’d be entirely wrong.

How about investigating how most Kiwis never get pay rises?

How about investigating how most Kiwis have no chance of ever getting out of debt because they can’t get any more hours at their casualised workplace?

How about investigating how lots of businesses are taking the piss when it comes to marking up imported goods and services?

The correlation of beliefs and opinions of policy options the government should take to lead NZ out of recession are so similar you might as well call it how it is : our political class and our media are the same people and care more about gossip than critical examination of the direction this country is going in.

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