Voting Is Not The Answer

Every election there is always a bunch of naive silly buggers who come up with some “innovative” “Get Out The Vote” idea because “voting is important”, “your forefather’s died for your right to vote” or some other emotive claptrap that tries to paint non-voters as immoral shirkers, not permitted to criticise a system they may have serious reservations about.

They mustn’t have been paying attention in their sociology classes! There is no power for young people because of the demographic divide, and obtaining power doesn’t come from participating in a system with a heavy bias towards fulfilling the pet policy ideas of older New Zealanders – think of how housing affordability can never happen because of NIMBYism. If you think that voting is the answer, you should be nowhere near getting young people interested in politics.

There is a Winston Churchill quote that goes something like, the best argument against democracy is a 5 minute conversation with the average voter. Participating in the charade is simply giving assent to a system that won’t do anything for you. Young people need to figure out that they’re on their own, the ladder has been pulled up and there is no bailout coming for our generation. We just get to incur higher taxes in our peak working years to pay the tab the elderly have run up.

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