Victim Or Not, Kim DotCom Will Be Extradited

If there was ever an indication that nothing much interesting happens in New Zealand on a day-to-day basis, the footage of Kim DotCom’s (Mona DotCom’s?) chartered helicopter arriving in Wellington shows that it doesn’t take much to become headline news in this country.

Waddling towards the select committee room with the Press Gallery in tow, Kim DotCom got off to a flustered start and all we learned from the debacle was a grand total of nothing – except some insinuation that John Key lied to the New Zealand public about the GCSB and that he knew about DotCom before the raid on his rented Coatesville mansion.

About that raid – watching the footage of it on 3 News – do New Zealand’s police not strike you as pathetic in their demeanour? Putting aside the fact that the Kim DotCom raid was on the orders of a Hollywood-captured Department of Justice subsidiary – the FBI of course – didn’t they look really retarded throughout the whole exercise?

Anyway, despite having some of our best lawyers in his employ, Kim DotCom will be extradited. There are no ifs, buts and maybes about it. John Key is a sycophant who wants a fake free trade deal with the United States. Anything that gets in the way will be thrown under the bus.

Despite his size, Kim DotCom will still be thrown under the bus. It might take another raid, this time with more exercise time for an LAV squadron, but he’ll be arrested in spectacular fashion and shipped off probably at NZ taxpayer expense for a hard bed on which to complain about.

Watching John Banks play on his phone at the Select Committee hearing yesterday was interesting. It must be hard to maintain such an icy exterior when you’re facing a private prosecution for taking the witness’ cash as an anonymous donation. But, then again, John Banks is on the same level as Winston Peters in terms of political connivery.

Victim or not, Kim DotCom will be extradited from New Zealand. It doesn’t matter that he was doing what pretty much all of the tech giants do anyway, it doesn’t matter that he was essentially singled out by lobbyists for rendition and it doesn’t matter that he has spent millions of dollars in New Zealand.

He is an obstacle to closer United States – New Zealand relations and he simply has to go – the end of generic Pharmac purchases and stricter copyright laws for corporations with failed business models demands it.

John Key won’t interfere. In fact, he probably told Eric Holder (US Attorney-General) that when Holder visited New Zealand earlier this year. He really wants a free trade deal even more than Helen Clark wanted one with China.

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