The NZ ‘Meet Market’: 2013 census update

This morning the NZ Herald had an article by Simon Collins called “If you want to get married, better get a degree“.

They interviewed Paul Callister about the update to a previous paper on assortative mating called “The NZ ‘Meet Market’: 2013 census update” – but they didn’t link to it. Any intellectually curious reader would probably want to have a look at the paper being discussed.

So, in 2014, a few decades since the concept of a “hyper text link” was made possible, I had to spend time searching for Paul Callister’s website, find his recent publications and they check that it was the paper being discussed in the article.

It is hilarious! Where on earth do media firms find these people who still think it’s in any way, shape or form acceptable to not link to something you’re writing about?

Close but no cigar again, NZ Herald. This article has been shared on Facebook, shared on Twitter and emailed. But you can’t link to the source document!

I’m going to suggest to readers that if you find this stuff interesting, then there is a recent paper I found by Karl Hememberg that looks at the effect of assortative mating on income inequality.

This is interesting stuff! The lack of intellectual curiosity, the fact that Simon Collins didn’t mention that because a lot of people are thinking about income inequality in the lead-up to the election that research like this could prove surprising to some people who hold those views, the lack of linking the study back to other interesting work that Paul Callister has done, is simply another indication of how low their value add to the national discourse has become.

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