The Labour Party Needs A Major Internet Marketing Overhaul

I visited the Labour Party website today looking for some commentary on the whole Tiwai Point thing. I was not very impressed with what I stumbled upon.



This website looks like it was designed by a committee. This sort of project management doesn’t work. Accountability does – having someone take ownership of the project and saying NO to the addition of more confusing pieces of information on the home page.

The Labour Party wants to campaign on being the party of NO. They should start by saying NO to every issue except what David Shearer is talking about that day. But they’re unlikely to do that.

The Green Party is moving in the right direction but still has a really poor website compared to where political parties in other countries have gone. It’s not that expensive and when your key demographic is young people your party operatives could probably drum up something better in a weekend hackathon!


This is a brief post but I have to say that the lack of focus on email marketing is shocking. Email converts, email drives engagement and constant email from Barack Obama’s campaign was a key driver of his massive fundraising and thus ad spend in the 2012 Presidential Election.

If you can’t figure out website design and internet marketing for your own political purposes, how can you be trusted with the Treasury Benches? National knows that John Key = National and he is the only reason they’re still in government. Their website is better at first glance:


For National, John Key is the message and he is in the media more than Robert Muldoon. (I have no data on that but everytime I see a news website there is a JK quote somewhere!)

They’ve clearly got an integrated strategy (cheers Crosby Textor!) that flows through from message to marketing to management of the silent recovery.

The Labour Party couldn’t do any worse if it copied National’s strategy. But in the age of personality politics, can David Shearer really compete with John Key?

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