The Irony Of Progressivism

The irony of progressivism is that most progressive activists don’t realise they’re winning. If they’d been paying attention they’d realise that the general trend of history is more progressive policies.

The US shutdown is a temporary aberration only made possible by the fact that the demographics in the US haven’t completely changed the makeup of the voters. There is a reason why high-low alliances work in politics – and why the Democratic Party will only go from strength to strength.

Taking the 40-50 year view, there is nothing for progressives to worry about. Not only is the general trend of history on the side of applied Calvinist Christianity, progressivism is an elite status symbol in OECD countries.

To be a progressive is to be on the right side of history. Every single political party that was against progressive policies has been destroyed. They always win, so there’s no point getting worked up about politics. Keep yourself to yourself and enjoy watching the self-immolation of conservatism.

Back here in New Zealand, National and Labour are far closer than any party hack would want to acknowledge. Aside from policy gaps around the fringes, it is unlikely that David Cunliffe would be able to push through “the end of neo-liberalism”. The last time the Labour party did a major reform it was not consistent with progressivism, and they’ve been punished by people who didn’t like Rogernomics ever since.

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