The Death Of Margaret Thatcher

The death of Margaret Thatcher has shone light onto the horrible people that inhabit both “sides” of the political spectrum.

If there ever was an argument for absolutist monarchy and banishing the striving classes from participation in the great game, it is days like this.

There can be no clear cut “She was wonderful” or “She was terrible” judgments made.

Those who gained (former council tenants turned homeowners, the Chinese, Robert Mugabe, the City) will celebrate her name while those who lost (miners, the British underclass, the trade unions and Argentina) will decry all of the nasty things she did.

The stupidity of it all!

How do we gain as a society through constant bickering between one religious ideology and another?

We don’t. It is disturbing to read both the idolatry and abuse written about Margaret Thatcher.

She was simply a Prime Minister who accomplished some great things whilst not pleasing everyone – thus nothing to get worked up about.

The best thing about today is that millions of Twitter users have added data points to the “weaker amygdala” theory.

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