Opening A TSB Bank Account With RealMe And Your iPhone Is Awesome

Do you have a RealMe account? As long as you have verified your identity and address, you can open a bank account with TSB Bank through their iPhone application.

I just completed this procedure. I didn’t have to fill out any paperwork and the turnaround time was about a week if you include the time it took for me to verify my RealMe account.

  1. I didn’t have to fill out any paper forms
  2. The girl from TSB Bank who called me was very helpful
  3. I felt like I was dealing with a modern organisation

The one caveat is that they still haven’t got a Visa Debit card but that’s OK. They more than make up for it by not being useless. I definitely recommend anyone looking to switch banks to look into using a RealMe account to make setting up a TSB Bank account a breeze!

In this day and age, with the level of paperwork necessary to do anything, this process was so simple. It really is a game changer – who wants to use a pen and paper in 2014?

The only way I could see this process improving would be that instead of sending me paper brochures with terms and conditions, they sent an email with PDFs attached. Maybe that’s a regulatory requirement?

Well done TSB Bank for making it really easy to set up a bank account. It will be interesting to see how many other firms decide to use RealMe authentication as a way of streamlining account opening processes.