Why Te Ururoa Flavell Will Preside Over A Maori Party Collapse

The resignation of Pita Sharples is the icing on the cake for the demise of the Maori Party.

That Te Ururoa Flavell is likely to be the next co-leader of the Maori Party is irrelevant.

He will preside over a Maori Party collapse at the next election.

Why? Well, when your anti pokies bill is completely gutted by your coalition partner to the extent that the Gambling Harm Reduction Bill was, the benefits of being inside the fold are clearly non-existent.

Most Maori voters realise this – and voter apathy is high when much of the benefits of the Maori Party in government has flown towards the interests of the tribal elite.

That by no means implies that it is the end of the Maori seats – you’d have to be ignorant of how power in New Zealand is distributed to think that the Maori seats will ever be abolished.

It does mean, however, that the Maori Party’s embarassing failure in the Ikaroa-Rawhiti by-election is just the beginning of the end.

The only winner in New Zealand politics at the moment is Winston Peters. In 2013 he has destroyed Peter Dunne and most likely has a hand in the destruction of the Maori Party.

Problem Gambling Foundation And Te Ururoa Flavell

I was working on a post about the Problem Gambling Foundation and Te Ururoa Flavell’s gambling harm reduction bill that got watered down completely. What I found was concerning. There simply isn’t enough economic thinking being applied to this “problem” that is primarily internalised by problem gamblers.

The whole area of gambling reform seems to be driven by big numbers similar to those thrown around by anti-tobacco and anti-alcohol groups. There is also a plethora of non-profits who get a hell of a lot of taxpayer money.

For an indication of why I am going to do some more research into this stuff, check this Powerpoint presentation that Te Ururoa Flavell gave to the Commerce Committee:


I particularly like the idea that gambling losses are “public money”, that somehow naughty gambling industry operators “owe” the community something. Did you know that some problem gambling foundations have even received money from pokie trusts? Bootleggers & baptists much?

I am going to do a bit more reading on this before commenting on how non profit groups work with MPs to design legislation just the way big business works with MPs to design legislation. The idea that a non-profit entity is not a firm that wants to maximise its profits in the form of salaries & other forms of compensation is ludicrous.