Forcing Constant Job Applications Means More Noise, Less Signal In Online Hiring

From Bloomberg:

The advent of the Internet has been both a gift and a curse to recruiters, who now can access a greater pool of potential workers yet also get inundated with too many applications to process. The problem has been a lack of tools to quickly, cheaply and accurately sort through that deluge in an economy that has seen almost five years of above-7 percent unemployment.

There is a major problem with online hiring that the article doesn’t really address.”Job applicant” does not necessarily equal “job applicant”.¬†With the introduction of Jobseeker Support to replace the differentiated benefits, the signal-to-noise ratio in New Zealand for job applications will change.If you have to apply for multiple jobs per week in order to keep getting your benefit, what does this do to the numbers game of lower skill jobs?

It creates a massive incentive to move away from online hiring processes and back towards network-based hiring.¬†Ironically, it could make it even harder for online applicants to stand out from the crowd. In trying to make the safety net “more efficient”, there could be a negative impact on the lower skill labour market.

That said, there is definitely some good to come out of tests. They get a lot of bad press from people who don’t like the idea of having their personality traits quantified and assessed, but the trend of history seems to be more quantification of everything and anything.

This means that more and more “scores” will be added to one’s CV over time – just think about the amount of professional development those in licensed professions have to do and how that has changed even over the last 20 years. It will only increase, meaning that selecting for people able to keep up with CPD requirements will become more important. This is clearly linked to conscientiousness in general.