I was listening to Larry Williams interview the PPTA President, who was telling everyone the PPTA want to spend member’s money suing someone over the Novopay debacle.

The problem of course is who could the PPTA sue? The Ministry of Education pays the salaries of teachers, the Board of Trustees at each school and the Principal call the shots and Talent2 is the Aussie outfit that managed to get the contract to provide payroll services to schools up and down the country despite an error with a similar implementation for NZ Post.

The reason that suing Talent2 won’t make it so is that it is bloody hard to get money via the courts. Not only do you have to win your case, you have to pay your lawyers a lot of money before they get to “Your Honour” and run the risk of getting pinged for costs of the other party or the inconvenience of lodging security for costs before getting underway.

The PPTA would be better off waiting until the dust settles and being absolute mongrels in the next negotiating round with the government. That way they save the cost of the legal action and can have all of their soundbite-worthy sob stories lined up in a row for interviews on Breakfast television and the like.

It is amazing that there has been no aggressive reporting on the history of Talent2 and its principals. A brief examination would tell you it recently delisted from the ASX and seems to have a backdoor listing in its past as one of the former company names is “Arcadia Minerals”.

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