Statistically Ignorant People Freak Out About Plane Crashes…Yet Again

Statistic Brain bust out the data that shows a 1 in 29.4 million chance of dying on a single airline flight. There are other numbers I’ve seen, like 1 in 11 million and 1 in 13 million but overall, given the enormous number of aircraft movements every single day around the world, only people ignorant of statistics and probability will be freaking out over airline travel.

This is a direct link to other instances of ignoramus behaviour – like counting all of the “social costs” of something “bad” without calculating the benefits that accrue to the individuals who choose to undertake a “risky” activity.

There’s nothing you can do to manage these sorts of tail risks other than not engage in the activity – which is stupid – so worry about things that you can actually control and get on with your life. The funny thing is that you can quickly Google search likelihood of dying in a plane crash and figure this out for yourself, but that’s not sensationalist news coverage and most people are very reactive to anything that happens that is brought to their attention via television news or social media – they lose any semblance of rational thought they may have possessed.

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