Pretty Much No One Understands Anything

Economic ignorance and political ignorance aren’t the only types of ignorance there are. But in an election year, the combination of the two can lead to some absolute zingers.

My concern at the moment is how worked up some Kiwis get at really small amounts of money like the $150,000 a wealthy Chinese businessman is alleged to have donated to Labour.

Furthermore, the $3 million Kim Dotcom has thrown into the Internet Party isn’t a lot of money. Because he is a joke, and is treated as such by the real politicians in the media, all of his money won’t have any impact on the outcome of the election.

I think that David Cunliffe rebuffing the offer of a Labour-Green coalition government campaign will go down in history as the death knell of the Labour Party.

Whilst Labour is still the Inner Party, because of the changing demographics of New Zealand and voter apathy, the Green Party is still growing its raw vote in double-digit leaps at each election – they haven’t hit diminishing returns yet! By 2020, they’ll be getting at least 1/3 of the vote.

I think the left need to chill out – they’re winning history, most of the structural reforms they got in a tizzy about have been rolled back or papered over with asset price inflation and middle class welfare. The long term trend of history since the 1700’s is that society’s zeitgeist moves further and further to the left.

Right wing government is an historical anomaly. Conservatives always end up losing, they can’t roll back major progressive achievements like interest free student loans and working for families tax credits. Pretty much no one understands anything about politics and the long term run of history. They think they do, particularly uneducated journalists on peasant wages, but they end up with egg on their face as time goes on and all of the scaremongering over made up things like inequality and neo-liberalism turns out to be completely silly and out of touch with reality.

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