I’m pretty sure I remember some scandal around Len Brown from a few weeks ago.

It doesn’t seem that it had any effect on his holding on to the Auckland mayoralty.

Auckland mayor Len Brown wants to begin phasing in the living wage next year for the lowest-paid council staff.

The move would lift the minimum wage for more than 1500 staff to $18.40 an hour and is expected to cost $3.75 million dollars a year.

Source: http://www.radionz.co.nz/news/regional/226976/living-wage-proposed-for-auckland-council-staff

Political scandals don’t seem to lead to resignations these days.

The council that has to borrow to pay its wages and salaries bill is increasing it even further with this living wage nonsense.

Current town clerk earns almost $800,000 – how long until he earns $1 million? The idea that a public sector executive is in any way, shape or form comparable to a private sector one is laughable in the extreme.

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