Non-Voters, Inequality, Cognitive Dissonance

I be rockin’ J’s or
I be rockin’ Taylors
I got lots of flavors, my kick game is major
More kicks than the players, call me up I’m scorin’
Hit it like a free throw, tongue out like I’m Jordan
Smiley, Miley, come swing the thing right by me
Gotta a joint if you wanna get stoned, got choppers if they wanna try me
Pro athlete I’m not no wannabe
Waitress asked how many bottles? I said 23

A million people didn’t vote at the last election. There’s nothing wrong with that!

But the cognitive dissonance amongst young people with regard to wealth and income inequality is the reason nothing will ever change.

For all of the emoting about how #inequality is such a bad thing, the main thing on their minds is how to make more money or get into the housing market where they can benefit from asset-price inflation courtesy of supply restrictions and willingness of banks to lend on property.

“Sent from my iPhone” is the impenetrable obstacle for the modern left. Their values are literally 180 degrees away from what many young people care about. There is no chance of breaking through consumerism and brand centric culture. The winner take all entertainment market has seen to that. Many good people on the left don’t even understand the basics of power distribution in society, sociology isn’t the bunk that I used to think it was.

Independent books, records, bands, fashion labels – whatever – they’re basically a rounding error when compared to mass market entertainment. Decentralised accessory marketing in the form of Instagram, Tumblr or Twitter is essentially an unpaid marketing job performed by millions of people around the world.

Behavioural change that rejects these ideas is the way forward for the people who hold these ideas, but they  run into a brick wall when they realise that for what they actually want to happen, they need to stop feeding the beast.

It’s almost like people arrive at political ideas without thinking how their day-to-day behaviour and that of their household is essentially underwriting the things they allegedly dislike. It’s funny to observe from the outside. Winners in winner-take-all markets will only earn higher rewards in the future IMHO.

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