No One Wants To Wait

No one wants to wait.

Delayed gratification has not been mentioned at all with respect to the luxury of buying a first home.

No one talks about how the choices you make at age 18 affect your entire life outcomes.

But everyone talks about how they are special, and how everyone else should help them make their dreams come true.

There’s nothing wrong with waiting.

I just don’t understand why everyone is in such a hurry these days.

Wake up and smell the roses – hyper-competition in the labour market is only going to increase over time and the idea that you will be 100% employed for the duration of an absolutely mind-bogglingly crazy 30 year mortgage is arrogant in the extreme.

I just don’t understand the complete ignorance on the part of most home buyers. Unless you’re in a cheap provincial centre, you’re most likely too poor to be buying a house and should just get on with your life and gain utility from other types of spending.

But no, no one wants to wait. Got to have everything now. Got to keep up with the Joneses. If everyone wants to do something, it’s probably a really stupid idea. The opportunity cost of buying a house is too damn high.

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