Making All Teachers Get Master’s Degrees Is Stupid

The New Zealand Initiative have produced an interesting education policy report. Normally I’d pass something like this along with hardly any comment, but this report requires a little rant.

Already a lot of graduate teachers cannot find a teaching job with their bachelor’s in education and maybe the subject degree they studied.

This means that they have failed to earn a return on investment for 3-4 years of foregone wages, 3-4 years of living expenses and 3-4 years of whatever tuition costs they’ve put on their student loan / had their parents pay for / pay for themselves.

So, already, that bachelor’s degree “isn’t enough”. But why should you force people to get a master’s degree, double down on a bad investment and spend even more money keeping academics in their union protected lifestyles?

Requiring a master’s degree is ridiculous. If you can’t educate someone to the level needed to teach effectively in 3-4 years, and you want another 2 years, how bloody effective is your pedagogy aka the whole reason you need to go to teacher’s college? What a joke. It’s not surprising that work experience matters so much these days and that self-learning makes you more capable of identifying when people in the education sector are really taking the mickey.

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