Khan Academy Can Teach You Finance

The explosion of online learning means that you have no excuse for ignorance when it comes to economics and finance.

Khan Academy started off with mathematics videos that could help you learn calculus or algebra, but they’ve expanded to include clear explanations of almost all topics you can think of by way of ten minute videos and exercises.

The “core finance” curriculum over at Khan Academy is a must-see if you have no idea about basic finance principles like time value of money or want to get a basic understanding of how derivatives work.

I am a fan of self-directed learning. I believe that my time at high school and university has actually retarded my intellectual progress. I have to regurgitate crap that’s been proven wrong both by real world observation and even by other academics to get out of this academic prison.

If I could go back in time, I’d work part-time to support myself and spend the rest of the time engaging aggressively with online education and my own startup projects.

Sadly, I’m past the point-of-no-return with my worthless degree and even though I’d love nothing more than to spend time learning what matters instead of what an out-of-touch university bureaucrat thinks I should be learning without a university degree I am a leper in the marketplace.

The tragedy is that because I’m young, I’m at even more of a disadvantage because there’s no way to display my skills and learning outside of the curriculum except by putting myself out there and writing.

What’s worse is that I know that counting sunk costs is wrong, but how can you not count sunk costs when taking the rational choice – quitting now – leaves you with no income and no reasonable prospects of work?

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