I Wrote About Something Pertinent To The Situation In Syria Last Year

Last year I wrote about a French article that was talking about how foreign intervention goes wrong.

The article was called “Les trois fautes de l’occident” (The 3 Errors Of The West) and was written by a former French ambassador to Senegal.

Incarner le mal – personalising the bad

Bashar al-Assad is the bad in Syria. He used chemical weapons. He was not elected by popular vote.

Idéaliser les « rebelles » – idolising the “rebels”

Rebelling against a dictatorship makes you pure and good in the eyes of the Western Media. You might be an al-Queda franchise and Gulf State backed militia but you’re rebelling and that’s cool man.

Croire qu’au nom du bien tout est permis – believing that in the name of doing good, anything is permissible

Tomahawk Cruise Missile Alert! Without double checking to see that Libya is now a complete failed state that has seen oil production plummet to almost nothing as violence rises and Libya becomes the narco-transhipment hub of choice into Europe, Syria is about to get its own violation of international law.

My conclusion in November last year:

Reports that the United States has been funnelling arms to Syrian rebels are not good at all. Already the violence in Syria has spilled over into Lebanon with the assassination of a senior intelligence official and street level violence. The risk of further tension between Turkey and Syria is an aggravating factor. The influence that Iran has over Hezbollah and Shi’ite factions in Syria do not bode well for a prompt resolution to the Syrian civil war.

Referring back to Jean Christophe-Rufin he concludes that if we are going to intervene in other countries, we need a far more responsible doctrine that realises building a peaceful society “post dictatorships” takes a lot of work.

Now that we know that Saudi Arabia tried to buy off the Russian Federation in exchange for Assad’s collapse, we can more clearly identify the cui bono (who benefits?) from the collapse of the Syrian regime.

This situation is even more complicated because Barack Obama has just been completely tooled by General al-Sisi and the Egyptian Military – his preferred Muslim Brotherhood man Morsi was rolled and Mubarak released from prison.

This also shows how incompetent National Security Advisor Susan Rice has been and why the Benghazi scandal actually mattered at the time despite all of the spin and obfuscation. The Arab Spring was a projection of Western ideals onto an area of the world still sorting itself out from British and French arbitrary borders after the end of World War One.

I am extremely concerned at how some genocides are more equal than others. Does anyone in the New Zealand media know how important Syria’s gas transhipment infrastructure is? Bueller? Bueller?

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