It is 2012 and making it hard to order your product is the last thing your business should be doing online. But Domino’s Pizza has managed to produce a corporate website that fails to put the user experience first.

We went to the Domino’s Pizza site to order a pizza. I have FlashBlock installed so I didn’t see the order button. But after enabling Flash, is there really an improvement to my user experience?

No there isn’t! In fact by having the key feature of the site require Flash you almost lost a sale. My friend completed the order on his laptop because Flash crashed during the order process.

If you look at the source code you will see that they’ve pretty much imported the Australian template, including the meta tags.

This is terrible for search engine optimisation. If you are not thinking clearly about how search engines categorise your content, you are losing. Domino’s Pizza is essentially telling robots that Domino’s NZ delivers to Australian capital cities. Absolutely tragic in this day and age.

So how can Domino’s Pizza improve the user experience?

  1. Replace Flash with HTML5 & CSS3. In 2012, it is completely unnecessary to have an autoplaying video. It is rude and it is really bad when you have a deal offer obscuring the main reason people visit your site – to order a pizza. What is even worse is that the whole ordering process is in Flash. It is not 1999. Flash is not cool.
  2. Make ordering a pizza the focus of the site. There is so much clutter! Having the “order online” button to the right hand side and not the central focus of page is insanity. How about a search box for your local store and then “order your pizza now” in a CSS styled button instead of an ugly Flash siren?
  3. Build your website from the ground up. If you are working with a corporate identity, it doesn’t mean you have to import the template and all of its accompanying design and user experience errors. Domino’s Pizza could start from a blank slate like it has with its apps for phones and build something that works.

My friends and I were shocked at how a major business in New Zealand could fail to create a positive user experience. One of the features of the Domino’s ordering process in Flash is a timer that shows how far along your pizza is in the process. It crashed in the middle of it!

Overall, Domino’s Pizza needs to seriously look at its website. A complete overhaul that shifts the focus from marketing to people who have already chosen Domino’s over Hell or Pizza Hut towards making ordering a pizza as simple as possible without the use of Flash would lead to increased order completion rates.

I would love to look at Domino’s analytics to see how many sales fail to complete because people get frustrated with their site. By the way I’d like to say to Lance Wiggs that I’m kind of borrowing your “red text on screenshot” annotation strategy. I hope you don’t mind.


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