Here’s A Quick Way To Replace Google Reader

Google Reader is getting shut down. I thought it was the end of the world. But thankfully there are at least two awesome alternatives to replace Google Reader with.

If you cruise over to their sites you’ll be up and running in no time.

  1. Feedly, which I am using as my RSS feed workbench of sorts, lets you choose different themes and imports all of your feeds automatically.
  2. YoleoReader, which I am using occasionally because I think the design is amazing, also imports all of your feeds automatically.

Google has really stuffed up by taking Google Reader offline. I recommend diversifying your RSS reader just in case your new favourite dies. I currently alternate between them and go “mark all as read” to catchup with the other one.

I don’t subscribe to lots of blogs but I read pretty much everything that comes through my RSS feeds. Using Tweetdeck is no replacement at all in terms of how I consume content.

They literally had almost every thought leader who matters around the world and access to all of the content they consumed via RSS feeds, and didn’t take advantage of that.

Google Reader getting killed is what happens when corporations get massive. Innovation and cool products get destroyed in the service of the corporation.

I am very happy with Feedly and sometimes YoleoReader – I suggest you try them out and quick – 1 July is the kill date for Google Reader.

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