Duncan Garner Schadenfreude On Shearer

Duncan Garner was a bit early on the tweet but completely correct about an impending resignation of David Shearer.


(H/T WhaleOil)

It is interesting how the Wellington Beltway Insiders bought all of the spin from Labour that Shearer had the support of caucus, but Auckland based Garner had the good oil and ran with it.

When TVNZ were running the live stream of the conference, watching Corin Dann go on about how nobody knew what was going on and how “we have to hit the phones and find out” (not sure of exact quote), I smiled.

When you added in the Cam Slater post about Tim Barnett acting as a go-between for Helen Clark and David Shearer, you really need to worry about the “trained and skilled” journalists in Wellington.


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