Drafting Posts In Draft

There are risks involved in using the cloud. But diversifying your portfolio of cloud services is just like diversification of your investment portfolio – you lower the risk of losing all of your data if something goes wrong.

I normally draft blog posts in a distraction free text editor called PyRoom. I then copy & paste it into my WordPress new post and sort out the SEO details and tags from there.

I’m experimenting with using Draft for writing my blog posts.

While I don’t want to set Draft up so that I can automatically publish posts from Draft onto my blog, you can do that if you want.

I could alternatively draft posts in Google Drive, but my current attitude towards Google is negative and I’d rather not feed the metadata beast.

The coolest features of Draft include version control for writing – which makes collaborating on documents with other people a lot easier – and the ability to write posts in Markdown if you so choose.

I will keep using Google Drive for university notes though – it’s a lot better than exercise books and refill pads for sure!

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