Different Coffee Brands Are Just Price Discriminating

A service station cafe has been judged to have the best coffee in town – outbrewing specialist coffee chains.

Wild Bean Cafe, located in BP outlets, ranked highest overall for satisfaction and was deemed best tasting coffee in the latest Canstar Blue Customer satisfaction survey. It rated higher than coffee chains including Starbucks, the Coffee Club and Muffin Break.

However, the Herald on Sunday asked the country’s top barista, Hanna Teramoto from Espresso Workshop, to try five of the coffees, and her opinion was something else again.

Source: NZ Herald

There are many coffee shops in Wellington. But having sampled almost all of them, I’m not sure coffee quality trumps location in terms of where you get a morning coffee if that’s your thing. There are similarities to the analysis of wine – a lot of BS crowding out people who actually know what they’re talking about.