Death, Taxes and Surveillance: The Updated 3 Certainties No One Can Escape From

There is a protest against the GCSB bill today. It won’t achieve anything.

The updated 3 certainties that we all face adds surveillance to death and taxes.

The democratic myth was that we lived in a democracy where there was some level of informed discussion amongst people of differing views, we all sang kumbaya and then suddenly a law was either passed or not passed.

That has never been the case. Politics is about power. The way that power is currently distributed in New Zealand means that the people have no power.

I’m agnostic about whether or not that is a bad thing – if you know you have no power, you can adjust your behaviour so that the impact of surveillance is minimal.

Change your default search engine to DuckDuckGo, don’t put embarassing stuff on Facebook and look into anonymous browsing with Tor.

Funnily enough though, if you get a search warrant against you, there is a strong likelihood that the absence of metadata on your day-to-day activities will be accepted by a court as implicit evidence that you were committing a crime.

Innocent until proven guilty doesn’t exist in New Zealand. I would recommend readingĀ R v HansenĀ to see the mental backflips of police prosecutors and the “independent” judiciary at work. The Bill of Rights is a pretty little lie that enables the Crown to feel good about itself at UN Human Rights conferences.

It might sound defeatist but I’m just being realistic – no protest ever achieved anything except making the protest attendees feel better about themselves because they were “doing something”.

How many Arab Spring demonstrators ended up with a bullet in the back of the head or victim of a sectarian car bomb?

To protest is to signal to the world that you have no clue as to how power is distributed in the modern constitutional democracy.

It is a fundamental misunderstanding of the average citizen’s place in the world.

You can’t control the level of surveillance you will be put under by almost every firm and government you interact with.

You might as well get on with your life and acknowledge that we are inching closer and closer towards the asylum every day.

A lot of the protestors really have gone “full retard” on this issue. I mean, getting word about it out via social media? Do you not see the irony there?

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