Data Caps Growing But Speed Still Sucks For Most People

Plans with caps of between 20GB and 50GB numbered over 80,000, with average monthly use of 23GB across all connections… But the organisation says it’s not just data volumes that are growing, download speeds are also improving, partly because of changes in connection types.

Source: Bigger, better, faster: Data getting fat on fast food diet

The problem with changes in connection types is assuming that your address is eligible.

When I enter my address into any potential broadband provider, there is no date available for either VDSL or fibre.

I’d be perfectly happy to pay more per month for faster broadband, but it’s not going to happen and there is no timeframe when I live less than 2km from the Wellington CBD!

When 4G is out and about, it will be significantly faster than my copper ADSL line. This means that if I have a 4G capable device as a wifi hotspot, where is my incentive to get VDSL or fibre when it eventually does become available if I still live where I live in however many years it takes to get fibre to suburbs that adjoin the CBD of the capital city?

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