Click! 10 Sensational Quotes From Jamie Whyte You’ll Have To Read Yourself To Believe!

Come on do you really think I’d do a Buzzfeed style list post? Here is a PDF that collects Jamie Whyte’s columns over at the Adam Smith Institute.

Nothing out of the ordinary that would someone who has engaged with non-progressive thought, but Completely Shocking And Unbelievable to most of the New Zealand electorate.

Nevertheless, someone will take the time to examine these columns and assemble a hit job on the new ACT leader.

Here is a random quote that will infuriate so many people:

Start with children. How much is it worth spending to save one? The precise amount is not as important as taking the question seriously. Children are not priceless. In a world of limited resources, nothing is. Any money spent on saving a child is money not spent on something else, including saving other children. Above a certain price, saving a child does more harm than good; the money would be better spent on something else.
From a column that appeared in The Times on 5 November 2008. Reproduced out of context and without discussion of what he was talking about in the column. Just like a trained and skilled journalist would quote him! I have my popcorn ready.
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