There are diminishing returns to blaming other people for your problems or your perceived problems. The more problems you foist responsibility onto someone else – be it an entity, class, group of people, whatever – the less likely you are to do something about fixing your problems.

The internet is a repository of knowledge completely and utterly under-utilised by its denizens. Social media and networking sites have low value compared to the plethora of free learning resources that can help set you on a path to learning valuable skills that can eventually be monetised in the labour market, a small business or contracting.

If you have enough free time to go on Facebook or Twitter, you have enough free time to take a Coursera course that will stretch your brain, brush up on your maths at Khan Academy, make some steps towards learning a new language with any number of free resources or figuring out IT skills that will make your office work easier and reduce your stress levels.

There is nothing wrong with judging yourself or other people. In fact, I think one of the key reasons why many young people are struggling is because no one has ever passed judgment on their decisions and suddenly the labour market is telling them that they have very little of value to offer a potential employer.

That isn’t an opportunity to blame someone – it’s an opportunity to deconstruct what went wrong and solve the problem. Eventually, thinking this way will work out far better than blaming other people and doing nothing constructive with the free time you have available.

Like Elizabeth Rata wrote in the Herald the other week – actual knowledge and skills matter in the real world. The reality principle applies – just because most of your university course content has no real world application doesn’t absolve you of the responsibility to figure out something with real world application you have a comparative advantage in and use the free resources available to upskill yourself.

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