Back To Basics French With Duolingo

I’m a Francophile of sorts and it’s hard to keep my schoolboy French up to scratch. I’ve tried Busuu, Memrise and read French papers like Le Monde and Le Figaro but when it comes to the basics it is easy to get rusty if you’re not spending a lot of time in France each year.

I recently discovered Duolingo. Powering through the basic entry-level French acts as a sort of “accelerator” for when I read other French content. The site is free because you can help translate websites and documents and have your translations voted on.

It’s a great business model – better than hiring a translator and better than learning a language through the lens of whoever wrote the textbook that you are using.

If you’re interested in other languages, I’d suggest giving Duolingo a try. They currently have French, Italian, German, Portuguese and Spanish on offer. If you’ve wanted to learn a language but haven’t “gotten around” to it, the format of a few sentences drilled in a fun way quickly develops your knowledge of the language and enables you to form some basic sentences for everyday use.

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