All The Google Reader Replacements Are Still Ironing Out The Kinks

The transition to alternative RSS readers started out quite well.

I used Feedly and YoleoReader for a while, before I started to run into some back-end issues.

To give another alternative a go, after reading an interesting piece in Wired about Digg Reader, I imported my Google Takeout data and have been using that for the past few weeks.

It’s quite clear that they’re all still ironing out kinks. I’m constantly frustrated with some feeds updating promptly and others taking ages to show up. When you are an OCD content consumer who operates a zero inbox, these things matter deeply!

One of the biggest advantages Google Reader had was it could piggy back on the the biggest web crawler. This meant that feed updates came through pretty much as they occurred.

Digg Reader is still getting there. But I’m still not happy about my RSS consumption. I’ve dumped a lot of blogs, set up some filters in TweetDeck, subscribed to email newsletters which I’d previously avoided and tried to write more of my own stuff.

I chop and change between Digg Reader, YoleoReader and Feedly. To catch up I just click “mark all as read”. I’m hoping that YoleoReader works out because it is the clear underdog.

One positive to come out of all things content consumption change is that I’ve slashed the number of blogs I subscribe to and have removed “dead blogs”. I can’t help thinking that there’s a better way than RSS feeds.

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