We live in the age of permission marketing. If I haven’t indicated I want to hear from your business, your attempts to get in my face don’t work in your favour.

When you have auto-playing flash ads I have to switch off. Nothing is more annoying than if you’re listening to a cloudcast and suddenly something gets around your ad blocker and screams at you.

If you are an advertising executive reading this, you are alienating a whole generation of consumers. You are flushing any brand equity you have down the drain. Auto-playing flash ads are so morally repugnant you’d have to be an idiot to think they will do anything to save your flailing corporate clients.

When you follow up via e-mail or phone when I’m not interested in your product anymore. It’s hard to convince desperate people that I’m not interested. I don’t answer phone calls, rarely return emails and get frustrated when sales people think that because you gave them your email they have license to send you personalised fluff pieces that will be marked spam.

There is a place for email marketing. It requires personalisation, clear explanation of the potential benefits and cost savings. One paragraph telling me you want to chat? You’re doing it wrong.

This is just 2 dumb things advertisers do. They’ve failed to realise that the internet requires a completely different approach to advertising.

Interruption marketing – radio ads, TV ads – might have worked for baby boomers and Gen X. But even non-techie people have ad blockers now.

They grew up downloading so you have to overcome a massive education gap to end up with a willing consumer. Alternatively, you can provide a lot of value and see your product go viral quickly.

Resorting to spammy email marketing with no personalisation save the correct name you put in a form yourself isn’t smart strategy. Nor is paying dying media companies a fortune for auto-playing flash ads or even worse the ones that steal your screen. (APN you do this too often).


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